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Arts Renaissance Collaborative



ARC is committed to promoting wellness and well-being through process of creating new work and cultural awareness through interactive collaboration using technology and digital communication applications as well as specific onsite collaborations for workshops of participants of all ages.  


ARC acknowledges the seismic change transforming the culture to a sensibility of immediacy, spontaneity to create new ideas and works that elevate the conscious awareness of humanity to articulate global wellness and well-being. Emerging technologies empower individuals to collaborate creatively to manifest new work and understanding. 


ARC values the use of media, art, and technology to enable powerful expressive collaborative work and individuals and groups throughout the world. 

What ARC Can Do:

ARC provides a platform and support for collaborative artistic exchange to create new work that promotes wellness and well-being.

Who We Are:

ARC is a multi-functioning coalition of artisans, arts technicians, multimedia artists and art supporters, from diverse backgrounds joined together to promote the artistic collaborative creation of new work in innovative ways to promoting well-being throughout the world. It maintains a comprehensive website as a platform for collaboration, fundraising, and sharing multi-site productions through streaming live interactive performances. 

ARC, LLC is the business entity for raising funds through sales, real estate, and investments.

ARC WELLNESS is the not-for-profit corporation for promoting and supporting creative arts collaboration to facilitate well-being in the world.

ARC FOUNDATION is the foundation for raising and developing funds for projects in collaborative arts and media to raise the global consciousness for well-being.

What We Do:
ARC acts as the mediator and facilitator of associated artists and their ongoing ideas and projects, while also acting as the liaison between artists and communities to promoting collaborative projects whose projects probe individual and community wellness and well-being.

Why We Do What We Do:

ARC is committed to the process of collaboration of individuals and communities to create new work and promote wellness and well-being throughout the world.

Contact Us:

Contact to find out how you can be a part of our network of multimedia performing artists collaborating to promote the cause of personal and global well-being.

Mission: About
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